THCHub is about sharing! If nobody shared anything, most users wouldn't even connect to it, and those that do chat might not be around as much. Share any folders that contain something useful, and give it at least some semblance of organization. Preferably, things should be split by media type, audio organized by artist or genre, etc.

To share a directory, click File and open Settings. On the Sharing tab you should see a button that says "Add Folder." Navigate to the folder you want to share, and click OK! Let the files hash (it goes faster if you do not click "run in background").


There are a few things that aren't useful, and you must not share:

Also, if you have large collections of small files, for example a comic or manga, it's a good idea to zip them up by chapter or other similar unit of organization. This makes things more efficient when transferring, takes (slightly) less hard drive space, and makes them easier to deal with. There are many programs that are designed for reading comics in this way, such as CDisplayEx.

Forcing a rehash (DC++)

If you want to hash a file without exiting and restarting your DC++ client, you must trigger a share refresh. Once the file is hashed (a message will appear in the status bar in the bottom left of the program), refresh again to make sure it appears in your file list. You will start returning search results the instant it's hashed, however. You can trigger a refresh by:

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